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RIXCAR - car restoration workshop
« on: 12 December 2013, kl: 15:33:21 »
Riga and classic values goes hand in hand. Beautiful architecture and beautiful girls are very common in Latvia.
Classic and beauty are almost synonyms, especially here in Riga – the capital of Latvia.
One may ask, where does the secret of beauty lie?
What distinguishes classic from just old?
Precise work and paying attention to details is the answer.

At RIXCAR we love everything that has tires and a motor. Everything that's classic.
Everything with story behind
Car restoration for us is a hobby that has become a successful business.
Our main focus areas are:

- car body repairs and painting

- classic car restoration

Our workshop is a place for real petrolheads and enthusiasts who value excellent craftsmanship.
The company has seven year experience in car restoration processes. Each of our 14 employees is a master in his field, specializing in classic cars.
Within the restoration process we use the highest quality materials to ensure excellent results.
The workshop is equipped with technologies which allows us to carry out custom projects of any difficulty, for example bending from scratch car body panel of any shape.
We always give rough idea of the final price, after we see the condition of the car and we do everything we can to manage work processes smarter, to keep within the agreed price or decrease it by doing things differently and to be more innovative so there would be less risks of unplanned expenses.
We are able to provide numerous references from our customers from Nordic countries.

If you’re a dedicated purist who desires only the best or you have just been searching for restoration company to give your car a fresh new look - you have found the right place.
When a classic is restored to this level, it’s primed for show time.

Our projects can be seen here:
facebook page
RIXCAR homepage

Reinis Jansons
Phone: +371 26414411

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Re: RIXCAR - car restoration workshop
« Reply #1 on: 09 January 2014, kl: 14:21:56 »
Latest projects: three American classics

Studebaker Golden Hawk - 1957
Ford Thunderbird - 1960
Lincoln Continental Mk.IV - 1974

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Re: RIXCAR - car restoration workshop
« Reply #2 on: 26 September 2014, kl: 08:12:06 »
Visit Riga. Visit RIXCAR.
If you want to see our workshop and the beauty of Riga city, check out our new video.