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brake upgrading for smart modells
« on: 13 October 2011, kl: 14:48:51 »
Hallo from Berlin,
Here is a speciell offer for the Smart Fortwo 451 for an upgrade of the Brake system for the front- and rear axle. Both system have a TÜV-Certification and comes from german production. This sets are going also for the Fortwo 450, Roadster 452 and Crossblade. Also going the front brake system also for the Forfour 454.
On request for many other brands and models.

Attention: the rear calipers are available in colour of the picture. Other colour cost on top.

Speciell Price until the end of Setember is for one set of front and rear axle (front 286x26mm 6 Piston and rear 288mm)

1924,25 Euro (excl.Vat)  plus shipment

Payment cash in advance. Delivery time between 1 until 4 weeks after order and payment.

Pictures are in the annex.


Special colors possible.

delivery contains:
- K-Sport brake systems will be always delivered for one entire axle
- one pair (2 pieces) brake discs: two-piece, slotted, ventilated
- two orange powder coated caliper
- 4 brake pads
- two caliper mounting brackets
- one pair stainless steel brake lines
- all necessary mounting elements
- TÜV-Certificate
- detailed installation guide

Picture in the annex for the front axle, different sizes from the discs and calipers available. Also the colours are available in Orange,red,yellow and black.
286 x 26 mm with 6 pistons for 1390,- Euro
304 x 28 mm with 6 pistons for 1450,42
330 x 32 mm with 8 pistons for 1504,20
And greater sizes until 400 x 36 mm with 8 pistons for ca. 3300,-

Rear Axle: only one set available.

for Smart ForTwo Coupe & Cabrio
Typ: 451
year of manufacture: from 1/07
PCD: 3 x 112
disc diameter: 288mm

Illustration similarly.

delivery contains:
- one pair (2 pieces) brake discs (288mm diameter): two-piece, slotted with anodized Aluminium-Pot
- 1 piston - floating caliper with handbrake function
- 4 brake pads
- two caliper mounting brackets
- one pair stainless steel brake lines
- longer handbrake cables (if necessary)
- new wheel hubs (if necessary)
- all necessary mounting elements
- detailed installation guide

This set cost 1099,- Euro

That is a very good combination for front and rear axle and looks also very nice.

Best Regards from Berlin


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